RSO – FECO Rick Simpson Oil


CBD RSO – Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil


Welcome to the essence of the cannabis (hemp) in a concentrated syringe. Cold filtered and delicately refined to remove the plant fats but maintain the integrity of the cannabis plant.

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Instructions for Use:  Using 2 hands, gently push the plunger down to dispense concentrate. Apply onto: food then swallow, finger then rub on gums, or apply topically to skin. DO NOT forcefully push down the plunger, or squirt the medicine directly into mouth, or you might get much more than intended.

RSO can be administered a variety of ways, we can recommend a couple that will improve your experience with this powerful cannabis concentrate. A popular option is to apply oil into a chocolate chip and place in cheek or under tongue, this will help mask the flavor of the full spectrum cannabis extract while still allowing sublingual or oral absorption. Another favorite option is to dispense RSO onto a banana and swallow.

Recommended Dose: The common instructions are a dose equivalent to half a dry short grain of rice. Each 1/10th of the syringe contains more than 60mg CBD. That is a big dose, probably too much for the moderate user. Just remember, this is pure concentrated oil, it has not been diluted into MCT or coconut oil so it is much stronger than a sublingual tincture that comes with a dropper.

What is RSO?

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil and FECO is simply put cannabis oil extract usually extracted using ethanol alcohol. It is named after Rick Simpson who was a pioneer in the industry and he did great work teaching people how to extract the concentrated oil from the cannabis plant.  He is most famous for his work helping people fight cancer using cannabis oil after he defeated his own skin cancer in 2003. We thank him for of all of his work and his importance to the movement of cannabis legalization cannot be understated.

CBD Medical Supply uses an RSO Approach for our Full Spectrum High CBD Hemp oil extracts. The extract is a blend of multiple high CBD hemp strains to get the broadest spectrum of cannabinoids for the greatest chance of success. Most oils used are 60-65% CBD and the other 35% contains cannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenes and flavonoids that all contribute to the entourage effect and enhance the power of the CBD extract.
CBD Medical Supply uses ethanol extracted cannabis oil for all the Full Spectrum CBD based products. The main reason is that ethanol pulls the most complete cannabinoid spectrum and terpene profile, creating a full spectrum hemp oil extract that possess the true essence of the cannabis plant. The final step of refinement is a triple filtration process removing impurities like heavy metals and molds while retaining substantial quantities of terpenes, flavonoids and other phytonutrients.


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